Jennifer Mutz


Jennifer brings nearly a decade of medical software expertise to her position as Vice President of Product Design, where she manages self-service software offerings, applications and tools that integrate with patient data sources, and help increase effectiveness and success of clinical trial programs as well as the ability to make care decisions based on real-world evidence.

She is responsible for creating and managing product roadmaps and acting as liaison between engineering and stakeholders, specializing in product and project management, feature integration, data analysis, stakeholder management, and customer engagement. Jennifer also oversees cross-functional team leadership, internal and end user training and support.

Prior to her current position, Jennifer became Inteliquet’s Director of Release Management, in 2015, where she was responsible for managing the release lifecycle process across cross-functional teams.

Before Inteliquet, Jennifer served as an Independent Training Affiliate for McAllister Software Systems (AVImark), from 2008-2015.

Jennifer studied Animal Science at Washington State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Humane Leadership from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Healthcare has always been a passion for me. From animals to humans I have dedicated my career to solutions that make healthcare easier for the providers and life better for the patients. At Inteliquet, I have the unique opportunity to assist both provider and patient.”


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