“Patients tend to choose Consortium member centers like Comprehensive Hematology and Oncology, because they prize access to physicians who draw from leading science and provide the most and best options in care for their patients, while staying close to home.” – Dr. Tandy Tipps, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Organizations at Inteliquet™

On June 16, 2021, Inteliquet announced that Comprehensive Hematology and Oncology, LLC (CHO) of St. Petersburg, Florida will join Inteliquet’s Cancer Center Research Consortium for their personalized approach to cancer care.

Comprehensive Hematology and Oncology, along with other Consortium members, benefit from the seamless integration of the OncWeb™ platform into all their centers. This technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and comprehensive real-world data that enables precise decision making and extends the reach of cancer clinical trials to more eligible patient populations.

Our patient-focused algorithms help to digitally screen patients and match them to trials that are best suited for their unique needs. Dr. Pratiibha Desai of Comprehensive Hematology and Oncology believes that by becoming part of the Consortium, they enable physicians and processionals with the right tools to select clinical trials more efficiently and match patients to potentially life-saving therapies as they become available.

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