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The Inteliquet
Software Platform

The Inteliquet
Software Platform

Powerful technology matches the exact patient to the right trial.

The Inteliquet Clinical Trial Suite uses sophisticated algorithms and our propriety technology to digitally screen patients and match them to trials—improving enrollment while reducing recruitment and administrative efforts. Through the integration of our rich patient data source, physicians can also conduct patient treatment comparisons with hundreds of their peers.

Customizable software proven to save time and costs while more accurately and rapidly bringing patients and trials together.
Watch List
A trial-specific, user-curated Watch List ensures your patients do not miss the opportunity to enroll in a clinical trial at the time of treatment decisions.
Digitized Protocols
Eligibility components custom built directly into our software based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria of any trial for fast, accurate patient matching.
Specialized, custom filters can rapidly help a site identify if they have the right patient population to support a trial.
Time savings reported by clinical research staff with Inteliquery when determining if patient populations support specific trials.

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