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For Life Sciences

Propel Promising Therapies.
Reach Patients Faster.

For Life Sciences

Propel Promising Therapies.
Reach Patients Faster.

Accelerate research lifecycle, improve feasibility,
and support go-to-market success
while reducing risk.

Inteliquet offers new levels of precision through large real-world data sets, enhanced data and insights, and trial digitization. We improve clinical trial feasibility and site selection, and more accurate clinical trial patient screening and matching, leading to an increased clinical trial patient accruals.
Solutions Better Aligned with Providers & HCOs in the Age of Patient-Centric Trials.
More Patients at the Right Sites
Enriched data that makes feasibility, site selection, site management, and patient screening dramatically more effective.
Powerful EHR-Agnostic Software Better Aligns With Providers/HCOs
Allows custom tools for precision criteria matching that increases recruitment efficacy by reducing the effort and time involved in patient matching. Helps sites rapidly determine if they have the right patient population to support a trial.
Covers All Cancer Types for Entire Product Lifecycle
Our patient consortium provides a robust real-world, longitudinal data asset, offering new clarity and accuracy to identify patients for complex clinical trials, research, and commercial decision support.
faster feasibility and site start-up reported with Inteliquet’s data enrichment process.
greater accrual rates reported by a site using Inteliquet’s digitized clinical trials, electronic screening and dedicated clinical engagement support, especially for hard-to-enroll trials.

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