How New Therapies
Reach Patients Faster

Case Study

Exceeding Cancer Study Enrollment Expectations in Spite of Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, one small community oncology center made adjustments that led to them enrolling three times as many patients in just five months compared to the previous five months using traditional methods. Once the organization implemented the OncWeb™ software and began working with an Inteliquet™ clinical engagement specialist, the center saw a 233% increase in patient enrollment.

In a complimentary case study from Inteliquet, see how OncWeb significantly increased cancer study patient enrollment in less than four months, despite the pandemic.

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What’s Inside

  • The challenges faced by the oncology center throughout COVID-19
  • The restructured processes, training, and new accountability measures
  • The results and how a new software platform increased patient enrollment

About Inteliquet

Inteliquet is a leading provider of technology, insights and expertise for cancer clinical research. Our proprietary platform securely, accurately, and quickly aggregates and analyzes EMR and related healthcare data, helping to ensure clinical trials are designed more effectively, patients are matched to trials more rapidly, and patient-care decisions are made using real-world evidence. Our team is passionate about ensuring every patient — regardless of race, geography, age, sex, economic status, or stage of disease — has access to promising therapies as soon as they become available.