Inteliquet™, Inc. is featured as a leading company in AI in Drug Development & Clinical Trials – World – 2020, a comprehensive strategic view of the marketplace, contributing influences and long-term development by Signify Research. For this timely report, Inteliquet President and Chief Operating Officer Marie E. Lamont and Senior Vice President, Life Sciences Peter Malamis provided insight into how Inteliquet uses AI to securely, accurately, and quickly aggregate and analyze healthcare data to match oncology patients to complex clinical trials. 

The report explores how companies are guiding adoption of AI solutions for drug development and clinical trials.

The report’s authors Imogen Fitt and Steve Holloway explore topics such as how adoption of AI solutions across the lifecycle of drug development affect one another, which product solutions are expected to have the highest impact and where growth is projected to be strongest in the next five years.

“The widespread hype for AI in drug development might be treated with skepticism today, as no AI-designed drugs have yet been approved for sale,” observes Fitt. “However, it is becoming increasingly clear that in the near future, AI will be embraced.”

AI is just one technology Inteliquet harnesses to help Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations increase the effectiveness and success of clinical trial programs. OncWeb™, our EHR-agnostic software, uses sophisticated tools such as NLP and heuristic parsers to help process structured and unstructured data sourced from the EMR, pathology reports, radiology reports and more. Deidentified extracts feed into our cloud-based Clinical Consortium of cancer treatment centers, oncologists and cancer patients, allowing Inteliquet to generate various forms of clinical analytics and real-world evidence, including advanced feasibility analyses. All PHI remains protected, and the solutions are HIPA compliant. This process leads to significantly more accurate and accelerated patient matching.

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