Transforming the Patient Enrollment Journey

Advancements in cancer treatments are progressing with great speed. Clinical trials offer clinical researchers and care providers more options for their patients, but finding the right trials for their patient population and matching the right patients to trials is complex and time consuming. With AI-enhanced technology and expert support services, Inteliquet offers a comprehensive solution to transform the patient enrollment journey. Inteliquet helps cancer centers better understand their patient populations, conduct trial feasibility and match patients to trials – with greater precision and speed. Find out how.

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Enabling Researchers with Technology and Insights

OncWeb™ is proven technology used by community and academic research centers, IDNs and hospitals to improve feasibility and patient-matching operations. OncWeb reduces the manual burden of selecting the most suitable clinical trials with a user-friendly feasibility tool. Through the power of natural language processing and proprietary data parsers, OncWeb harnesses unstructured clinical data beyond the EMR, including biomarker reports, so more complete patient matching is achieved. Learn more.

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Cancer Center Support Services

Underpinning Inteliquet’s sophisticated technology are Clinical Engagement teams. After successful implementation of OncWeb, cancer centers are part of Inteliquet’s Consortium. Dedicated teams of clinical engagement specialists work with each Consortium center to ensure users are empowered to realize the platform’s full potential and offer various support services. Inteliquet’s complimentary support services are essential in helping Consortium centers achieve critical steps in the patient enrollment journey and ultimately build a more successful research program. Learn more.

Cancer Centers

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“Using Inteliquet, we have seen a significant increase in being able to find potential patients versus using traditional methods.”

Medical Oncologist

Community Oncology Practice, Southwestern United States

“This tool thinks the way my mind thinks. It is like it was built especially for me.”

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“Your ability to facilitate a liaison with CROs and Providers builds more productive connections of trials.”

Community Oncology Practice


“We understand our patient population so much better. We don’t open trials we otherwise would have because we knew we couldn’t enroll, saving significant time and money.”

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“With Inteliquet, we were finally able to start our first-ever clinical research program.”

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