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Together, we can transform cancer research and real-world evidence. 

At Inteliquet, an IQVIA business, we believe every patient is valuable and worthy of our very best efforts.

Our mission is to transform the accessibility, usability, and limitless possibilities of cancer research and real-world evidence.

Inteliquet™, an IQVIA business, is a leading provider of oncology solutions and insights on a mission to transform the accessibility, usability, and limitless possibilities of cancer research and real-world evidence. Through our proprietary AI/ML platform, OncWeb™, and our growing Cancer Center Research Consortium, we ingest, normalize, and aggregate structured and unstructured, de-identified real-world oncology data to remove barriers in patient care and inform critical strides in oncology research.

Inteliquet’s Core Values


We believe in creating cutting-edge technology. Our multiple patents and proprietary developments advance new methods to build better solutions that result in a revolutionary shift in how clinical trials benefit patients.


We believe in harnessing the power of effective intercommunication to build trust and respect, empowering a vast diversity of stakeholders with a common purpose, bringing more opportunities to patients.


At Inteliquet, we believe patients are more than a number. They are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, children, partners, and friends. Every patient represents a living story, and they deserve the best hope for a healthy future. We are tirelessly committed to helping patients around the world benefit from new therapeutic options and choices not previously available.


We believe that medical science and technology are in a constant state of motion, and we must sustain a relentless pursuit powered with a diligent passion to make the world a better place.

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