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Chief Executive Officer
Carla Balch
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As CEO, Carla Balch is responsible for the overall vision and success of Inteliquet Systems. She champions Inteliquet’s mission that every patient deserves access to the latest and best treatment options and care available, which often can be found in clinical trials. She also is motivated by the belief that every employee deserves a great culture, so they have a work environment where they can be their best and most productive. Carla joined Inteliquet as President and COO in 2017 and was appointed CEO in 2018. With more than 24 years in biopharma and healthcare leadership, she leads Inteliquet’s efforts to evolve as a company, which is radically changing the trajectory of cancer patient care through pioneering software that advances the accessibility, quality, and affordability of oncology for patients.

Prior to Inteliquet, Carla was Senior Vice President of Clinical Strategy at NantKwest, a clinical-stage immunotherapy company focused on harnessing the innate immune system to treat cancer, infectious diseases, and inflammatory diseases. She also served as President of Nantcare, a California-based oncology clinical trials and technology company. As President and CEO of Altos Solutions, she led efforts to develop the first web-based oncology-specific electronic medical record. Carla led the sale of the $15M company to Flatiron Health, a Google-Ventures backed organization recently acquired by Roche for $2B.

Carla developed her passion for patients and technology as Director of Product Development and Senior Financial Operations Manager of SOS/ACORN, an oncology research company and community research network formed from the West Cancer Center in Memphis, Tenn., which is a leader in adult cancer care and research.

Carla’s commitment to the healthcare community includes serving as the host of the Cancer Center Business Summit since 2004, which brings together leading experts in cancer care to work on transforming the business of oncology through science and technology. She also serves as a healthcare board member of the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, MO, and mentors start-up companies.

Carla holds a cum laude Bachelor of Professional Studies and a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Memphis. She lives in Memphis and enjoys traveling with her husband Lendon, who is a CTO and a talented musician/songwriter.

This work is very personal; I’ve lost many important friends and loved ones to cancer. Every day I think about them and all the patients battling disease and wonder whether they have access to the latest innovations and clinical trials in cancer treatment. I do this work to help reduce barriers to clinical trial participation, so every patient (even beyond oncology) can have the right access to the right trial at the right time. I do it for Bobby, Cherry, Phyllis, Marie, Ken, and Sherri.

Chief Medical Officer
Jeff Edenfield, MD
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W. Jeffery Edenfield, MD brings to Inteliquet more than 25 years of expertise in all aspects of clinical oncology, including translational oncology research, cancer care and care delivery. As the CMO, he works to enhance Inteliquet’s platform, so that it can contribute to improved outcomes through personalized treatment for patients needing access to clinical trials.

Dr. Edenfield is Medical Director at the Institute for Translational Oncology Research (ITOR) at Greenville Health System (GHS) Cancer Institute, which advances care on multiple levels, including facilitating pioneering research and clinical care delivery. He oversees phase I and first-in-human clinical trials for new cancer medications and manages its Biorepository Services.

Dr. Edenfield is board certified in Medical Oncology and Hematology. He is also certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and has been a national principal investigator for phase l, ll, and lll oncology trials. He is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and is the Academic Vice Chair for Oncology in the Greenville Health System, where he is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine. His extensive experience in the application of genomic information on patient care has driven a focus on enabling patients with access to quality clinical trials.

Dr. Edenfield earned his Medical Degree from the University of Miami, Florida. He completed his internship, residency, and fellowship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Dr. Edenfield also completed a research fellowship in Hematologic Malignancy at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. He completed his active duty service obligation, obtaining the rank of Major, as Chief of Oncology at Womack Army Medical Center in North Carolina.

 “I am hopeful about the many new treatments emerging for my patients. Every day there are new pathways of drug approval, which are accelerating the options for keeping them well. However, we are reaching only a small fraction of patients with respect to clinical trial enrollment. With hundreds of new drugs needing to be studied, innovative methods to inform physicians and match patients to these trials have never been more important. Doubling the number of adults who join oncology clinical trials from three percent to six percent would be a tremendous accomplishment, and Inteliquet is uniquely positioned to move us in that direction.”

Kevin Krenitsky, MD
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Dr. Krenitsky is a recognized authority in global diagnostic and biotechnology operations with more than 20 years of senior leadership experience. He was Chief Operating Officer, and later Chief Commercial Officer of Foundation Medicine, a molecular information company dedicated to transforming cancer treatment through enhanced understanding of genomic changes that contribute to a patient’s unique cancer. He helped build the company to a successful IPO, followed by a $1.2B investment by Roche, leading to a full acquisition.

Previously, he served as President of Enzo Clinical Labs and instituted a strategic plan to launch numerous FDA-approved esoteric tests. He served as CEO at both BioServe Biotechnologies, a global biotechnology company, and Parkway Clinical Laboratories, a clinical diagnostic lab. He also has held senior-level positions with Genomics Collaborative, Inc., a clinical and genomics research company.

Dr. Krenitsky received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Scranton and a Medical Degree from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of several life science companies, including Lumicell, a technology leader developing systems to enable surgeons to see residual cancer cells in the cavity walls in real-time during surgery.

Senior Vice President, Business Development/Legal
Russell (Russ) J. Clark, JD
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Russ Clark leads business development and legal for Inteliquet, with the vision to expand and accelerate access to the latest diagnostics and treatments to cancer patients in order to improve their outcomes.

Russ has worked in the field of cancer genomics since 1998; he applied advanced machine learning to genomic data to identify actionable genomic variants and has extensive experience in cancer clinical trials. He has developed academic and community hospital consortia, created the first successful statewide cancer research network, designed IT and clinical trial networks for several statewide cancer programs, and originated an international online community with more than 10,000 participating oncologists.

Russ’s 25+-year tenure also includes programs on the IT side of cancer care and research, working with oncologists to deliver strategic initiatives, such as evidence-based treatment guidelines and developing data models that link clinical care, molecular variants, clinical trials, discovery, and outcomes.

Prior to Inteliquet, Russ was President of Intervention Insights, Inc., a precision medicine platform company for oncologists, which developed and commercialized one of the first bioinformatics platforms, linking the clinical and genomic characteristics of a cancer patients’ tumor to efficacious drugs. There, he created relationships with practices and networks of oncologists to design and implement clinical studies for validation of its software platform.

Previously, Russ held many senior leadership roles that included heading up a team of cancer professionals to develop the statewide cancer initiative in Georgia known as the Georgia Cancer Coalition (GCC). The initiative involved plans to integrate clinical trials and screening programs with local access to the latest in cancer detection and cancer therapies. He helped link the GCC with industry, bringing in Siemens as a corporate partner. He also has founded or co-founded a number of cancer-related companies working with academic cancer centers, community hospitals, oncology practices, payers, and biopharmaceutical companies.

Russ holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego School of Law.

Like many of us, cancer has impacted me. I’ve lost my father, my best friend’s 8-yearold daughter, and my mother-in-law, not to mention numerous friends and relatives. One day, a friend mentioned he has a cancer research company that needed serious help in the day-to-day operations, so he convinced me to join. Its business was supporting clinical trial outreach programs at academic cancer centers. A couple of months into the job while visiting our research site, our research coordinator asked me to come to the hospital to meet someone. She introduced me to Mary, a 38-year-old mother of three with inoperable ovarian cancer. After being on our research protocol, her tumor was gone! I was profoundly impacted. If this little company I was growing could help her so dramatically, it had the potential to have a positive impact on the lives of many families dealing with cancer. After that, I was hooked on a singular focus of helping to beat this difficult and complicated disease.”

Senior Vice President, Product Development
Christopher Mazzanti
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As Senior Vice President of Product Development, Christopher Mazzanti is responsible for the overall development, deployment, integration, management, and maintenance of all Inteliquet’s products and data assets. He believes it is vital to place the user at the center of the design process, so he ensures Inteliquet’s technology is ground-breaking in its impact on human health, and also is easy, intuitive, and elegant for end users.

Chris joined Inteliquet as Vice President of Product Design in 2011 and was promoted to his current position in 2015. He has more than 20 years of experience architecting, constructing, and managing enterprise software and IT projects that range from real-time embedded systems to large multi-platform line-of-business systems, including complex domain-specific biotech and healthcare applications.

Prior to Inteliquet, Chris was Senior Partner at Toscana Solutions, a professional services company that specialized in healthcare solutions in the analytics and research fields, using both Microsoft .NET and open source technologies. Chris worked with biotechnology clients to design systems that managed large amounts of clinical and genetic data. Working directly with researchers and business users, he developed technology that allowed physicians and scientists in the fields of clinical healthcare and bioinformatics to further their research in areas such as gene sequencing, personalized medicine, and clinical data analysis.

Before Toscana, Chris was Project Manager and Principal Architect for RDA Corporation, a marketing technology consulting firm, where he designed custom enterprise software and technology solutions for large companies in the retail and financial services industries. He began his career as an Applications Engineer at Harris Semiconductor (now Intersil), where he collaborated with customers on embedded systems implementations, and designed development tools and software.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. He is a joint inventor of Inteliquet’s patented healthcare integration intellectual property.

Technology can do so much to improve the user experience in healthcare for patients and physicians. That is the ultimate challenge. It’s not about making spreadsheets more useful. It’s about removing stress from doctors and patients, so the applications they use are more helpful, and less cumbersome and invasive. With cancer, they already have enough to worry about.”

Vice President, Life Sciences
Debra Kientop
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Debra Kientop is responsible for leading and delivering Inteliquet’s life science and contract research organization (CRO) solutions and product strategy. Debra has more than 25 years of oncology clinical and industry experience, which includes launching Medical Service Liaison (MSL) functions within pharmaceutical organizations, as well as for CROs to support clinical strategy development and investigator relationships.

Debra is also an expert on advocacy outreach and has spoken extensively on the topic of educating patient populations. Her book Knowledge is Powerful: The Information You Need When Fighting Cancer helps patients navigate a new cancer diagnosis with practical answers to common questions.

Prior to Inteliquet, Debra was Senior Director of Oncology Strategy at ICON, plc, a global provider of drug development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. She was responsible for leading the Oncology Strategy and Site Relationships team that supported the development of operational strategy for oncology proposals and bid defense meetings for phase I-III trials. She also worked closely with oncology investigators and patient advocacy organizations. Prior to ICON, she held leadership positions where she developed and implemented strategies related to oncology/hematology clinical businesses.

Debra also was President and CEO of MSL 360, LLC, a medical affairs consulting company that assisted pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the development of MSL and medical affairs teams. She developed training programs, as well as proprietary software for KOL relationship and MSL metric tracking.

Debra holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin.

As a cancer survivor and an advocate for people facing life-changing diagnoses, my career has focused on making a difference in the lives of patients. At Inteliquet, I help translate knowledge into action by supporting the development of new treatment options through clinical trials, and helping patients get access to the best therapies.”

Senior Vice President, Marketing
Dorit Baxter
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Dorit Baxter is responsible all marketing and lead-generation efforts for Inteliquet. She has nearly 20 years of experience leading global marketing, communications and sales enablement functions for a range of healthcare, health insurance, and technology companies.

Prior to Inteliquet, Dorit was Senior Vice President of Marketing at Remedy Partners, the largest Convener under Medicare’s Bundle Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) program. She was charged with driving brand awareness and building a pipeline of leads for the organization. She also worked on strategies for expansion into the commercial sector.

Before Remedy Partners, Dorit was the Director of Brand Strategy and Corporate Marketing for Nanthealth, a personalized healthcare company, where she led all marketing communications and press relations for payer, provider, and patient audiences. She also managed all channel and influencer marketing activities, including national and regional tradeshows and key client events.

Dorit also worked at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island with a focus on marketing strategies for the Medicare Advantage market, as well as customer experience. Early on in her career, she led global marketing communications and sales enablement for IBM’s small and mid-sized business customer segment, creating customer loyalty and retention programs, as well as business partner campaigns, training programs, and sales resources.

Dorit holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Psychology from the University of Maryland and studied Global Strategy and Management at The Peter Drucker-Masatoshi Ito School of Management, Claremont Graduate University. She speaks fluent German.

Nothing is more rewarding than building awareness for real solutions that have the potential to solve for cancers or other critical illnesses. I joined Inteliquet after I learned how their technology, insights and services can help advance the delivery of new, potentially life-saving treatments. I work every day to contribute in some small way so that patients can live longer and have more time with loved ones. I do it for Oma, Beverly, Martie, Leslie, Cub, Colleen, and Deb.”

Vice President, Sales
Robert (Bob) Robbins
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Bob Robbins leads all aspects of sales and sales management at Inteliquet and has more than 30 years of experience building and leading multi-million-dollar programs for a range of clinical trial, health sciences, and genomics companies. He has consistently built and maintained world-class organizations — developing new markets, meeting quotas, and building strong pipelines. His skill set includes developing sales channels, programs, and sales methods for new lines of business in shifting markets.

Prior to Inteliquet, Bob was Vice President of Business Development at Agile Edge Health, where he developed a pipeline of qualified business leads in academic medical centers, regional health networks, and hospitals for multiple lines of business. Before Agile, Bob was with Oracle Health Sciences (OHS) where he developed a $23M pipeline for OHS’s enterprise analytics and translational research solutions and sold Oracle’s Translational Research platform to several major Academic Medical Centers.

As Vice President of Sales Programs at Eclipsys Corporation, a computer software company, Bob was responsible for all sales programs, education, sales methodology, CRM integration, forecasting, and competitive analysis. He also worked to secure an agreement with the Voluntary Hospital Association (VHA) in Dallas, which increased clinical sales by $45M its first year. As President of the Southeast and Southwest Regions, he managed a $56M book of business on a margin basis.

Bob also was Vice President of Strategic Sales for Siemens Medical Solutions, where he led efforts for its $27M start-up clinical trials operations. Early in his career, Bob founded and was COO of Atlantic Physician Systems, Inc., where he improved physician reimbursement by 11-40 percent, expanded membership from 195 to 500 physicians, and managed partially at-risk managed care negotiations for the entire network.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Planning and Administration from Pennsylvania State University.

I saw joining Inteliquet as an opportunity to join a world-class company at a major inflection point in clinical research and precision medicine.”

Aaron Aylesworth
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As the Controller, Aaron Aylesworth is responsible for overseeing the quality of accounting and financial reporting for Inteliquet. He has expertise in financial reporting and tax compliance, assists in strategic financial planning, and manages all of Inteliquet’s assets and liabilities.

Prior to Inteliquet, Aaron was a Manager for Tax Services at Stratagem, a Coloradobased CPA and consulting firm, where he was responsible for large and complex tax projects for entities and high net-worth individuals, as well as tax planning and research. Before Strategem, Aaron was at Arrone Appel, LLC, where he was in charge of controller services and solely responsible for all of the firm’s tax projects. He modernized the firm’s accounting processes, resulting in faster turnaround times for all client financial reporting.

Before Arrone Appel, Aaron was a Manager at Petrinovich Pugh and Company, LLP, a San Jose, Calif.-based, full-service accounting firm that provided planning, consulting and compliance services to small and medium-sized, privately held companies. He led controller services and monthly accounting along with financial statement preparation for multiple clients in the technology industry including software and hardware companies. He led the firm’s tax committee and consulted with clients on issues relating to software revenue recognition. He also worked with clients to implement the new ASC 606/IFRS 15 standard for revenue recognition.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting, from San Jose State University. He is a Certified Public Accountant in Colorado and California.

I lost my Mom quickly to cancer in 2014, so the company’s focus and mission are personal; it is an epidemic that affects everyone. Our CEO says she hates cancer in her email signature, and so do I. It’s great to work with people who are dedicated to meaningful work and passionate about beating this disease.”

Vice President, Customer Engagement
Jim Reddy
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Jim Reddy has more than 28 years of experience overseeing clinical operations and analytics for medical practices and hospitals. He is passionate about the pursuit of meaningful data to improve patient outcomes, develop effective practice operations, and inform healthcare practice and policy.

As Vice President of Customer Engagement, Jim works to integrate Inteliquet’s software solutions into client workflows, increase utilization, and develop on-boarding processes for new clients. His department provides customer training, support, connects clients with clinical trial sponsors, and works with Inteliquet’s Life Sciences division to support Contract Research Organization (CRO) projects.

Before Inteliquet, Jim was Director of Information Systems at New England Cancer Specialists overseeing clinical operations for the 22-provider hematology/oncology practice. He oversaw development of their multi-system IT network; supervised all system integration, EMR development and training, data analysis, and reporting; and managed development and construction of two new medical office buildings. He assisted in the COME HOME project, a Medicare-funded project aimed at demonstrating improved outcomes at lower costs, and he was Data Custodian for the CMS-funded Oncology Care Model project.

Early on, Jim was involved in cardiology, as the Operations Director for Cardiovascular Consultants of Maine, a 24-physician cardiology group. He managed information systems, performed data analysis, developed an electronic patient record system, and implemented a clinical research division and a nuclear medicine department. Prior to this he was Non-invasive Cardiology Director at Maine Medical Center, where he managed a staff of 28 at the 600-bed teaching hospital. He was responsible for staffing and operations of the Echocardiography and EKG labs, maintaining the division’s operating and capital budgets, writing policy and procedures for each department, and training echocardiographic technologists.

Jim began his career as an Echocardiographic Technologist, performing all types of procedures (e.g., transthoracic, adult, pediatric, and transesophageal). He holds a degree in Cardiovascular Technology from Barna College.

I lost my sister to cancer, and one of my best friends has been living with brain cancer for the past decade. It’s hard to watch people suffering, especially when you feel helpless to do anything about it. It pushed me into healthcare, where I started out in cardiology and then moved to oncology. It is my way of helping out and doing what I can.