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Robust Real-World Data & Clinical Analytics for Oncology Development and Commercialization

Inteliquet™, an IQVIA business, provides reliable real-world patient data and deep insights to support your development efforts, from clinical planning all the way through commercialization. Our proprietary software, OncWebTM harnesses structured EMR data, as well as unstructured data to provide you with the depth of information you need to make important decisions. Sourced from cancer centers within our selective Cancer Research Center Consortium, our data is updated weekly. De-identified and HIPAA-compliant, our data contains records for almost 5 million total lives, 90 million+ encounters, 385+ million labs, and over 350,000 currently trial-eligible patients.

Download our Data Analytics resource to see how Inteliquet can improve and inform your clinical planning, research and commercialization efforts, as well as enable faster and more precise patient-matching across all clinical trial phases.

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What’s Inside

  • Highlights of the applications of our custom datasets
  • The power behind our data, Natural Language Processing & parsers that capture deeper patient level detail from unstructured data into usable datasets
  • The expansive and reliable sources of our data allows confident decisions

About Inteliquet

Inteliquet, an IQVIA business, is a leading provider of oncology solutions and insights on a mission to transform the accessibility, usability, and limitless possibilities of cancer research and real-world evidence. Through its proprietary AI/ML platform, OncWeb™, and the growing Cancer Center Research Consortium, Inteliquet ingests, normalizes, and aggregates structured and unstructured, de-identified real-world oncology data to remove barriers in patient care and inform critical strides in oncology research.