“Cancer patients deserve our best efforts to provide expanded access to potentially life-saving clinical trial and treatment options. Digital solutions that are proven to fast-track this process are a necessity.” -Health IT Answers

In the first four months of COVID-19, patients and doctors missed or cancelled millions of cancer screenings, which resulted in missed diagnoses and clinical trial delays and shutdowns. Screenings are essential to cancer diagnoses, and oncologists and researchers are looking for the right digital tools to make up for time lost in 2021.

There are several factors that negatively impact cancer patients’ access to clinical trials and new therapies, but the most significant barrier is the gap between treatments and research that prevent physicians from connecting patients to trials. In addition, cancer centers may not have the time or resources required to focus on sourcing patients. However, the right technology solution can free cancer centers from lengthy feasibility questionnaires, screening processes, and population querying. These same tools help researchers gain early insight into patient eligibility, helping identify and match cancer patients to the right trials in minutes rather than days and provide more choices to patients and physicians.

Learn more in this article from Health IT Answers and Tandy Tipps, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Solutions at Inteliquet™, about how cancer researchers can recover from the effects of COVID-19 with better patient-trial matching technology.

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