“Patient trials are the future of medicine. That future is under threat. Cancer centers and pharmaceutical executives now have the tools to make sure it comes.” -HIT Consultant

The coronavirus pandemic caused many clinical trials to shut down and patients to put off critical mammograms, colonoscopies, and other diagnostic tests, which lowered patient enrollment. Now, there is hesitancy to restart clinical trials due to a lack of confidence that sufficient eligible patients can be recruited and enrolled.

The competition to enroll patients who still regularly visit cancer centers is high. Traditionally, cancer center staff crawl through paper records, PDFs, and electronic documents, manually matching patients to trials with increasingly complex inclusion/exclusion criteria. Unfortunately, this process results in less than five percent of oncology patients receiving the opportunity to participate in a trial. However, with modern technologies like natural language processing, heuristic parsers, artificial intelligence, and data management, cancer centers can reduce the burden of administrative efforts while matching more patients with more trials.

Learn more in this article from HIT Consultant and Marie E. Lamont, President and COO at Inteliquet™, about how modern technology and dedicated teams can help restart clinical trials today.

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