2020 uncovered unprecedented challenges in healthcare, such as workforce and supply shortages and a shift to remote monitoring when available. Patients even began opting out of trial participation to avoid complications of the COVID-19 virus. However, certain innovative companies continued to prevail through these times, leveraging technology that puts patient care first. In this article from Industry Tech Insights, Inteliquet™ is recognized as one of the top ten companies revolutionizing healthcare.

“The only way for a new therapy to reach patients is through a clinical trial. For cancer patients, that new therapy may represent new hope for a longer and better-quality life—hope for a treatment that might prove to be more effective than the current standard of care.” –Industry Tech Insights

Our solution works securely behind Cancer Center firewalls and utilizes precision technology to completely and rapidly aggregate and analyze healthcare data from EMRs and other data sources for use in relevant clinical trials. It normalizes all forms of patient data to match cancer patient populations and specific patients to clinical trial opportunities, closing the gap between patients and new therapies.  

The Inteliquet team focuses on adaptive technology to prepare for future changes in healthcare. Through AI-powered solutions like NLP and heuristic parsers, the OncWeb™ platform continues to deliver value to patients, sponsors, and researchers in the clinical trial space.

In this article from Industry Tech Insights, discover why Inteliquet was chosen as a top ten company revolutionizing healthcare and learn more about a Cancer Center that implemented OncWeb and saw a 233% increase in patient enrollment during the pandemic.

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