For those of us in healthcare, the year begins with the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. 2020 was no exception, so we wanted to know how Marie E. Lamont, a veteran of this conference, makes the most of her time. Here’s what she said:

This year, I had the pleasure of visiting San Francisco during the 38th annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference for the 5th time. This massive conference brings together industry leaders, emerging companies, technology innovators, and a diverse representation of members of the investment community. Among the participants, you will find everything from start-ups to those with more than $300 billion in market capitalization—and they cover the entire global healthcare landscape, including biopharma, healthcare technology and services, and profit and not-for-profits. Everyone is united by a primary focus: identifying high potential solutions and opportunities to improve healthcare—one of the most complex challenges around the world. 

Because of the vastness of the event, I find that setting clear goals for my time there is helpful. But it is also important to take advantage of the diverse opportunities for collaboration and networking to strengthen your ties to the industry.

Set Goals

Energy and excitement abound at JP Morgan! It’s clear that everyone is ready to learn about the potential of new, and the status of existing, companies’ programs to make positive change in healthcare. Choosing one or two topics you most need to learn about will help you ensure you get what you need from the event. This year, I focused on learning more about the different stakeholder needs in the clinical trials and the decision support landscape, and I was impressed by the progress being made. It helped to energize me even more around continuing our progress at Inteliquet to bring technology insights and expertise to deliver more choices to patients and providers.

Everyone is united by a primary focus: Identifying high-potential solutions and opportunities to improve healthcare–one of most complex challenges around the world.

Seek Diverse Collaboration

It is also important to keep an open mind when it comes to collaboration as JP Morgan enables the opportunity to learn about a variety of opportunities. I am always surprised by how a conversation can uncover a solution to a challenge you are facing—even if it is simply through a new introduction. Healthcare is such a complex system with many stakeholders who may have differing priorities. Without collaboration, we will remain fractured and not able to harness collective strengths to continue to deliver meaningful solutions that improve opportunities for patients.

Make Time for Networking

JP Morgan is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your network and make time to grab a coffee with someone you haven’t spoken within a while. This year I also attended the reception held by the Women Business Leaders of the US Health Care Industry Foundation (WBL). Of all the benefits of membership in the WBL, the opportunity to meet face to face with my peer executives in healthcare is one of the most important. WBL members have provided guidance, connections and support to me, and I enjoy giving the same back.

P.S. Come see Marie speak at the Global Oncology Site Solutions Summit

Marie will be at the Global Oncology Site Solutions Summit in Austin, Texas, January 31–February 1, 2020. She will speak about the potential of EMRs for oncology clinical trials and offer an overview of how and when to integrate EMRs for finding and pre-screening potential oncology clinical trial participants. More information here.


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