Oncology clinical trials have been disrupted as hospitals dedicate more resources to care for COVID-19 patients. While the scope delays and suspensions are hard to assess, halting these trials can create devastating effects for patients in need of experimental treatments. Without data from these trials, patients will have to wait longer to get treatments. But getting that data means enrolling patients in trials.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the barriers and time involved to conduct clinical trials and identify eligible patients. We help our Consortium partners with patient-matching software that can help fill accrual pipelines with potential patients. In many instances, we helped increase accruals rates by at least 40%, which is keeping sites in a strong position for trial accrual, even during this challenging time.

Our software and capabilities help sites create better methods to identify and watch eligible patients, ensuring your clinical trials can accrue patients as soon as possible when the situation normalizes.

What do we do for our Consortium partners? We find and match patients for trials in a manner that sites have never been able to do before. How?

  • We automate the pre-screening process.
    Your oncology patient population data will be matched to digitized criteria nightly. This process will provide you a list of potential candidates first thing in the morning.
  • We work with site users to place eligible patients on clinical trial Watch Lists.
    A trial-specific, user-curated Watch List with calendar alerts ensures that patients will not miss the opportunity to enroll in a clinical trial at the time of treatment decisions.
  • We digitize your clinical trials.
    Inteliquet collects the Protocols for open and enrolling trials. We use these to digitize the inclusion and exclusion criteria on our platform to automate the process. We also digitize a vast array of criteria such as key biomarkers, lab results, and other critical treatment details.

For more information about how to join our Consortium and fast-track your trials, click here … and check out our infographic.

Because patients should not have to wait.


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