Today, we are excited to announce that TransMed Systems is now Inteliquet.

We have rebranded our growing organization to better reflect our mission of improving the way clinical trials work for all stakeholders and helping to ensure no patient goes without a clinical trial.

What’s in the name?

Inteliquet has more than one meaning.

  1. Intelligence through clarity, powering better clinical trials for all stakeholders.
  2. A team of passionate experts dedicated to ensuring that no patient goes without a clinical trial if they need one, and that promising new therapies can be brought to market more quickly.
  3. A set of advanced solutions that include:
    a. Software that digitizes and automates the most difficult aspects of conducting clinical trials and analyzing patient data;
    b. Enhanced data and insights based on sophisticated, proprietary algorithms that produce the most comprehensive view of patient data and enable researchers to match patients more quickly and effectively; and
    c. White-glove services that range from analytics to clinical support that help build better clinical trials in the first place and more effectively help move patients along the path to enrollment.

Why Inteliquet?

The name represents intelligence through clarity that can dramatically improve how clinical trials, and clinical research, are conducted for all stakeholders—most importantly, the patient. Because when all stakeholders have the most comprehensive view of data in the way they need to see it and consume it, clinical trials and research will simply work better. Sponsors design more optimal trials that are highly visible to the right sites; contract research organizations (CROs) are assured better feasibility and higher accrual rates; and providers find the right trials for their patients in a matter of minutes.

Most importantly, patients who need a clinical trial waste no time in accessing the treatment they deserve. Ultimately, this clarity creates better connections across life sciences, CROs, and providers so patients get access to the most promising therapy the minute they need it and new therapies can be brought to market faster.

We bring insights, technology, and expertise to deliver the clarity to help solve one of the most difficult problems in healthcare—harnessing the complex data needed to quickly and accurately match patients required to produce better clinical trials.

When clinical trials work better, everyone benefits.

Who does Inteliquet serve?

We are in the business of helping the clinical research ecosystem find the patients needed for the research and discovery of new treatments. Whether you are a sponsor or CRO challenged by the lack of information that links you to eligible trial patients, or an oncologist frustrated by manual processes, unstructured data and imprecise criteria of clinical trials, Inteliquet can help cut through the uncertainty and reduce the time and complexity involved. So, you can help the patients that need it the most.

Every day without the right clarity, a patient may be missed for a clinical trial and a promising new treatment is delayed. This real, meaningful work drives us every day.

Where can I learn more?

Learn more about us here and subscribe to our blog for updates on how we are working to transform the clinical trial process for the better.


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