Why Life Sciences executives are excited about the Inteliquet™ solution to faster, reliable patient matching

The potential for real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) to accelerate clinical research and the approval of drug indications and treatments is widely recognized. The challenge for life sciences organizations is how to efficiently collect, analyze and apply RWD and RWE to improve protocol design, drive accurate feasibility, reduce site activation timelines and accelerate patient enrollment. In the oncology space, inefficiencies in this process delay promising cancer treatments from getting to patients who need them.

In a recent qualitative study conducted by Inteliquet™ with 12 senior leaders at biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations, we were thrilled to read reactions to our unique solution that addresses each of the drug development challenges mentioned above. With an established oncology site consortium leveraging patented technology and expert resources, Inteliquet securely aggregates and normalizes data from EMR and related healthcare data sources, providing efficient patient/site feasibility, precision patient enrollment and accelerated site activation and overall enrollment timelines.  Additionally, Inteliquet’s OncWeb™ data aggregation platform makes analyzing RWD easier, so drug developers can improve initial protocol design and minimize the number of costly amendments.

Three key benefits consistently mentioned were that the Inteliquet solution can:

Harness the data – all of it.

EMR/EHR. LIMS. Biobanks, diagnostic reports and more. The comprehensive reach of the Inteliquet data extraction method impressed study respondents. So did our application of precision matching tools like natural language processing (NLP). Respondents were enthused by how Inteliquet provides normalized, structured, HIPAA-compliant data with speed and accuracy, and they wanted to know more.

Streamline the process. Less manual labor, more accuracy.

The Inteliquet solution dramatically reduces inefficiencies associated with manually tracking down data and assessing site feasibility. As detailed in a recent case study, a Life Sciences client enrolled patients three times faster with Inteliquet. Senior executive-level respondents to our recent qualitative study appreciated how automation reduces administrative burden, the potential for human error and associated costs of qualified patient accrual.

Enroll patients faster.

Respondents agreed that the oncology clinical trial process is fraught with challenges. Any delay can cause a costly setback. With sophisticated software, next-generation analytics and robust, real-world longitudinal patient data provided by the Inteliquet Cancer Center Research Consortium, Inteliquet fast tracks connections between clinical trials and qualified patients.

The Inteliquet solution is unique in its breadth and depth of oncology patient data capture. Our precision technology works behind the firewall of cancer research centers, allowing us to securely, accurately and rapidly aggregate and analyze healthcare data, resulting in dramatic efficiencies at every step of the clinical trial process.

To learn more about how Inteliquet can help accelerate your cancer trials, please contact Pete Malamis at pmalamis@inteliquet.com  or Bruce Wakeman at bwakeman@inteliquet.com.


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