From ASCO 2019: Abstracts Highlighting Novel Approaches to Improving Patient Screening and Enrollment

Inteliquet presented the following two abstracts at ASCO 2019. They highlight how using technology and software can optimize clinical trial design to improve patient matching and recruitment, while ensuring clinical suitability.

1. A novel approach to support community oncology practices in building a clinical research program.

Starting a clinical research program in a community oncology setting has a myriad of challenges. ASCO provides guidance and best practices, yet building a research program requires significant time and effort. We discussed how a technology-enabled solution supports a consortium of community oncology practices to rapidly grow their research programs. Four key pillars of such a successful program include: building program infrastructure, establishing standard operating procedures, engaging patients, and accessing clinical trials. Using this solution, practices increased the number of patients screened and succeeded in growing a portfolio of well-matched clinical trials for their patient populations.

2. Moving away from the boilerplate: Real-world evidence for clinical trial laboratory criteria.

There is a need to enable as many suitable patients to enroll in oncology clinical trials as possible who are also are representative of patients seen in clinical practice. Currently, oncology trials often require patients to have minimum laboratory tests for hematology and liver function amongst others. We presented an exemplary combination of cancer diagnosis with a single laboratory test and found patients who could be considered for trials even though there are deemed ineligible due to a narrowly-missed requirement. By using real-world evidence at the time of trial design, clinical trials can be optimized to improve patient recruitment and expand availability to patients while ensuring clinical suitability.