PART 1: Not All Oncology Real-World Data is Created Equal

In part one of a three-part information blog series, Inteliquet™ is sharing critical factors for achieving the most clinically relevant real-world oncology data from your data provider.

The utilization of real-world data in the clinical development process is enabling faster development timelines, and cost efficiencies are being recognized across the development and commercialization lifecycle. And, for us dedicated to the oncology space, this translates into more potentially life-saving therapies reaching cancer patients sooner. Consumers of real-world oncology data and evidence have a growing number of data provider options. Here’s what you need to know: not all data is created equal.

At Inteliquet™, our proprietary AI/ML software, OncWeb™, together with our Cancer Center Research Consortium, provides both medical and development professionals with real-world oncology data and evidence, unparalleled in depth. With better insights, you can make smarter and faster decisions.

In this blog, we are sharing the first of three critical factors for achieving the highest quality and most clinically relevant real-world oncology data to inform business and clinical decisions: using data powered by technology that keeps the pace with science.

A recent internal analysis showed Inteliquet’s proprietary AI technology, OncWeb™, increases the ability to identify greater levels of patient record detail by 7-8 times, compared to relying solely on traditional EMR data alone. Our Natural Language Processing parser technology extracts data from both structured and unstructured data sources and provides it in a reliable and usable for, including a continuously expanding number of biomarkers. With our patented technology, our software engineers are able to quickly develop parsers, as new biomarkers and other molecular datapoints are identified.

We update our parsers for newly identified critical data criteria (such as biomarkers) on a quarterly basis, and can also create custom parsers, as needed. This means you can identify a cancer patient with a specific biomarker faster and with precision; or, that you can make decisions informed by the most complete and detailed real-world cancer patient data. The science behind precision medicine is incredible and enabled by biomarkers. Our technology ensures that you are able to utilize the most current and relevant biomarkers for development program planning and commercialization.

A Closer Look at Inteliquet’s Real-World Oncology Data
Inteliquet provides robust, valid, and reliable oncology patient-level longitudinal real-world data for clinical and commercial insights, based on data sourced from our Cancer Center Research Consortium and harnessed through our proprietary OncWeb™ software. Click here to download our Data and Analytics Fact Sheet, or request a follow up from one of our RWD and data analytics experts.

  • De-identified and HIPAA-compliant patient-level oncology data
  • Updated weekly from EMR and related data sources
  • Records for ~5M lives, 90M encounters, 385M labs, and 350,000+ trial-eligible patients
  • More than 450 biomarkers identified through parsers

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Stay tuned for our next blog in this information series discussing diverse patient populations and data.