Thanks to innovations in cancer research whose development began long before the pandemic, new trial-management solutions are now available—and scalable.” -Enterprise AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helped develop COVID-19 vaccines at an accelerated speed, and machine learning technology is now being used to rescue cancer clinical trials that faced severely low enrollment rates throughout the pandemic and stay-at-home procedures.

The need to connect more patients to new therapies and treatments has become greater than ever. As clinical trials experienced drop-off in enrollment, one community oncology center in the southwestern U.S. enrolled three times as many patients between March and June 2020 than they had in the five months prior, thanks to Inteliquet™ solutions and insights. While the numbers are still small—with only ten patients enrolling in trials at the center—the machine learning technology that achieved the increase holds enormous promise to help clinical trials and bridge the gap between promising therapies and patients nationwide.

Learn more in this article from Enterprise AI and Kirk Junker, Vice President of Product and Engineering at Inteliquet, about the future of cancer clinical trials and pharmaceuticals.

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